Sfera Bio Nutrition For Goodness Shake (250g)

Sfera Bio Nutrition
For Goodness Shake is a delicious all-natural vegetarian vegan protein, super-potent medicinal mushrooms and digestive blend containing PapyaFlow, Antioxidant, Alkalising and Vegan Protein blends are next to none and follow the ten Ethical standards of manufacturing. 
For Goodness Shake protein powder is an excellent energy-booster for greenies with an active lifestyle.

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Key benefits of medicinal mushrooms:

  • Cordyceps promotes better athletic performance & liver health
  • Reishi supports liver function, detoxification & heart health
  • Lion’s mane eases anxiety, fatigue & depression, boosts brain function


  • Mix 1Tbsp For Goodness Shake powder with water or juice, or blend into a smoothie.
  • For added digestive benefits, use with Sfera Biotic Spray.