Metagenics Serenagen Tablets (60 / 120 tablets)

Traditionel heart calming formula
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Metagenics Serenagen Tablets (120 Tablets)

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Metagenics Serenagen Tablets (60 Tablets)

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If you’re feeling stressed out and tightly wound, the Metagenics Serenagen supplement will soon have you feeling calm and collected again. Serenagen is a classic blend of medicinal herbs known to quiet the mind and calm the heart. With dong quai, Asian ginseng and a wealth of other adaptogenic herbs, Serenagen will help to prevent adrenal fatigue, to support you in stressful times. Like all Metagenics supplements, this herbal formula is free of unnecessary, artificial additives. The plant-based ingredients are easily absorbed, giving your body and mind the maximum benefit.