NamOnline is an online shopping platform, making all in stock products available to you.

To make a purchase on NamOnline, follow the steps below:

1.    You can either enter the product name in the search field or select the category in which your desired product may be available in.

2.    Once the product that you are interested in has been located, you can click on “View Product” to see further product details. (e.g. price, size, quantity)

3.    Click on the “Add to Cart” to select the item you would like to purchase. Once the item is in your Cart you can still change quantity or delete a selected product.

4.    Once you have Added your item to your basket, via “Add to Cart”, you can either Continue Shopping or Proceed to Checkout.

5.    Your Cart will display all the products you have chosen to purchase. If you are happy with your cart, proceed to checkout.

6.    Follow the 1-4 checkout steps to complete your order.

7.    Step 5 is a confirmation page which will confirm your order and that the purchase was successful.

8.    Please check your email for confirmation of your order.

9.   Our Banking details/EFT details will be on your confirmation email.

10. You will be notified via email when your order has been dispatched from our warehouse.  

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