About NamOnline

NamOnline is the result of an idea to provide all Namibians with the opportunity to purchase the products that we have on offer. We had the realization that we have many products on offer which are not readily available throughout Namibia. NamOnline is thus the result of a Bricks-and-Mortar retailer going online to provide all Namibians and our fellow SADC countries with the opportunity to buy the products that we have on offer. We are one of the first companies in Namibia to provide customers with real-time purchase by either paying with your credit card or through an EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). 

NamOnline has also created the opportunity to other retail companies, shops, stores and wholesalers to sell their products on an online platform to the rest of Namibia and SADC region. Please click on the ‘Become an Affiliate’ link to learn more about how to sell your products on NamOnline.